Keto Porridge began as a way to have a super healthy, nutritious and comforting meal to fuel you for the rest of your day. It’s packed full of vitamins and minerals and hits all the essential macro-nutrients when trying to maintain a keto or low carb diet. It is perfect for those who are on the go as it can be prepared in just 60 seconds! With high protein and a low carb content, it’s the perfect fuel source for those trying to cut down on their carbs and still enjoy the satisfaction carbohydrates give you!

Made with only natural, ethically sourced ingredients that are suitable for all! Anybody can enjoy this nutritious meal and it can be combined with other ingredients to enhance it. This is an everyday meal that just becomes part of your morning routine!

Our range of keto porridges come in different flavours to ensure everyday is not the same and maintaining a keto diet is easy. Our products contain no artificial flavourings and only contain ingredients that occur in nature. If it’s not picked from a tree or grown from the ground - it’s not in our bowl!

It can be incredibly hard trying to achieve your health goals, especially when you have to consistently stick with a diet that works for you. If your keto, vegan, gluten or dairy free, it’s often difficult to fill that void of tasty, creamy and delicious foods. That’s why we make it easy.

We want to get the most out of what we put in our body. This is why it’s super important to us to formulate a blend of ingredients that enable our customer’s to get enough of those essential vitamins and minerals.


We started in the summer of 2019 after being disappointed by the lack of commercially available porridge alternatives. Once upon a time we were huge fans of porridge, but, oats do have their own problems and can lead to excessive bloating. Plus, whilst maintaining a strict keto diet and with porridge being off the menu, we thought, how could take porridge to the next level?

We searched the internet researching various recipes (some of which are amazing!) and we thought that it shouldn’t be this hard and require so much preparation to have a keto friendly porridge!

Being quite active and enthusiastic about fitness, we needed to ensure that our recipe was nutritious, hitting all the right macros and it needed to be filling - luckily fat makes you feel fuller for longer! 

That’s when we decided to bite the bullet and formulate our recipe at scale and provide it to other people with similar goals who don’t have time to find the ‘perfect’ recipe themselves. We’ve simply done it for you!


According to multiple sources, around two thirds of the UK is either obese or overweight. For those within this bracket, it’s not only the everyday struggles that comes with being overweight that causes an issue but it can lead to other serious health problems like Type 2 diabetes. This puts health care services under huge strain from a problem that can be effectively managed and prevented.

But these issues are just consequences from the dietary choices made. However, because of the consumerism culture we have in the UK, it’s extremely difficult to avoid over indulging in sugar and eating tonnes of carbohydrates. Sugar is in everything! Currently, the UK consumes double the amount of sugar than we should do and the recommended daily amount of eating 5 portions of fruits and vegetables is being missed.

So, how can we begin to transition into a healthy lifestyle and avoid over indulging? By starting out with eating the right thing for breakfast. For some people porridge itself, is a great meal and we’re not against eating oats whatsoever but, for some people as we mentioned, it can lead to stomach problems with excessive bloating. Also, lot of instant porridge’s have fallen into this trap of over compensating for sugar and although oats themselves are great, they don’t provide enough nutrients alone to make us happy and healthy. Oat’s, especially when they’re processed cause a massive spike in our blood sugar levels. That’s why we developed Noatmeal. To replace the traditional and popular breakfast meal to get the most out of what we put in our body!



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