Pure C8 MCT Powder

    Pure C8 MCT Powder

    Unleash the Wild Power of Brave Ape's Keto Fuel: Pure C8 MCT Powder

    Dive into the primal energy of Brave Ape with our Pure C8 MCT Powder – a supreme blend of caprylic acid, the most potent medium chain triglyceride, C8. Crafted for the fearless, our premium powder seamlessly combines C8 with acacia fiber, offering the benefits without the greasy texture found in traditional oils.

    Key Features:

    • Metabolic Mastery: C8 takes the lead in our exclusive blend, sourced from ethical coconuts and free from solvents and chemicals. Embrace the untamed power of our C8 Powder.

    • On-the-Go Ketone Boost: Fuel your journey with the convenience of our powder form. For those who crave the power of C8 without compromise, Brave Ape delivers in a travel-friendly package.

    • Swift Absorption: A primal force, our C8 Powder rapidly breaks down for quick absorption. It’s your go-to for fast fuel, supporting both brain and body on your fearless ketogenic path.

    • Adaptable Elixir: Tasteless and odorless, our powder blends seamlessly as a coffee creamer, smoothie enhancer, or key ingredient in keto baking. Experience the benefits without the fuss.

    Nutritional Highlights:

    • Net Carbs: A defiant 0g per serving
    • Certifications: Brave Ape proud – Keto, Vegan, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Maltodextrin-Free, No Palm Oil

    Ingredients: Veganergy MCT Powder Pure C8 (PalmFreeMCT Oil Pure C8, Acacia Fibers)

    Directions for the Bold:

    • Coffee Roar: Stir in an 11g serving to your black coffee or beverage, avoiding sugary concoctions for the untamed experience.
    • Optimal Momentum: Consume during the untamed hours of fasting, pre-workout, or when a primal focus is needed (think before meetings or interviews).
    • Frequency of the Brave: Up to 3 times per day, embrace the warrior spirit within.
    • Dosage Mastery: Start small and ramp up as your brave body adapts. If a rumble in the stomach occurs, scale back until the roar becomes a purr.

    Serving Suggestion: 11g – Unleashing 7.7g of Pure C8 MCT

    Embark on a fearless keto journey with Brave Ape's Pure C8 MCT Powder – where the wild meets the untamed for an unparalleled, primal experience.


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