Why the name - The Brave Ape Co.?

Why did we decide to name our company 'The Brave Ape Co.' We explain here;


When we thought about naming our company, we thought about the values that mattered most to us. These values are; persistence, dedication, determination, bravery and integrity.

These values resonate with us because we understand the amount of hard work it takes to maintain discipline in your eating and training habits. Everyday can sometimes feel like a constant battle. That’s why adopting these principles is not only important but fundamentally necessary. It takes a strong and brave individual to embark on such a big commitment hence the ‘Brave’ part of our name.

We feel it’s also extremely important to understand that when you explore the human condition, you begin to realise that we’re all just complicated apes, a part of the animal kingdom. We think the egocentric attitude of humans in general sometimes forget this but we’ll feel that it’s important to be constantly reminded of this to remain humble and be aware of our potential pitfalls and limitations - This is where the ‘Ape’ comes in.

But, what we really mean by this, is that as apes, we’re bound to biological and evolutionary processes. Our brains are wired to seek out food and overindulge in food and carbohydrates as much as possible as it fulfils an instinctual need - of course this is necessary for survival. But, in the current culture where food is so readily available, eating an excessive amount with a lot of inactivity as we all know, converts the unused energy we get from food into excess fat stores - this is another evolutionary process that under the current conditions, actually has somewhat of a negative impact on our health.

So in this sense, you could argue we’re not necessarily personally responsible for this, it’s simply wired into us. But, this is why we combined the ‘Brave Ape’ together, because although our own brains and bodies can sometimes be our own worst enemy, we do have the ability to take accountability and be personally responsible so that we can mitigate the negative effects of instinctively seeking out as much food and sugar as possible. We married the values that mattered most to us with the humble reminder of who we are as human beings and we believe keto dieters reflect these principles at their core.

You might ask, but because it’s a fundamental part of being human, why should we fight it?

Well, the exponential rate at which human culture has grown, the food we’re now provided with is mostly simple and nutritionally incomplete foods that are readily available at any given time. Usually these foods are packed full of an excessive amount of sugar - manipulating this biological instinct to make us eat more than necessary which leads to a variety of health problems, especially when we eat these foods everyday, for years and years.

We also considered using ‘Brave Ape Foods’ but we went with ‘The Brave Ape Co.’ for this reason - that we’re all in this together. A company is just a collection of people and our customers are very much the core of our company. Anybody who embarks on a journey where they are making drastic lifestyle improvements is part of The Brave Ape Co.