Is the keto diet beneficial in battling COVID-19?


With the continuous widespread of the novel coronavirus across the world, it has become increasingly important for people to find ways to boost their immunity. Although, scientists have made progress with the formulation of a vaccine, the cure for the virus is yet to be discovered. However, there are several ways to enhance the body's vital function and protect it from most infections. Researchers are now discovering a positive relationship between the ketogenic diet and the fight against COVID-19. 


Keto Diet and the Immune System 

The ketogenic diet is a type of diet that reorients the body to consume low-carbohydrate and high fat so it will rely on ketone-based metabolism. This kind of lifestyle intervention is more widely used to achieve health goals like cholesterol regulation, weight loss, treating liver dysfunctions, and speedy tissue repairs. However, studies are currently ongoing to discover the influence of the diet on the prevention of infections like the coronavirus, and so far, many positive correlations have been discovered. 

Ketogenic diets have been shown to improve our immune system by heightening the ketone body level in plasma, which boosts the body's energy level. These ketone bodies are also responsible for controlling the genes that manage the level of oxidative stress. In case of a viral infection, these ketone bodies also reduce and prevent accompanying inflammations that could worsen the condition. This type of diet is known for improving adaptive immune cells and their functioning which inhibits the symptoms of coronavirus infection. 


The Keto Diet and COVID-19

Before the advent of COVID-19, the world had discovered some health benefits of ketogenic diets including battling some viral infections. Some of the symptoms of influenza infection have been shown to be abated by the immune-boosting ability of the keto diets. The continuous practice of this type of diet can also be linked to flu prevention, as well as the cure of some of its related symptoms by increasing the body's production of mucus. Asides from coronavirus, keto diets increase the body's immunity to several other illnesses.

One group of people who are susceptible to severe symptoms of coronavirus are diabetic patients. A traditional approach to treating diabetes is inhibiting glucose levels by increasing the body's use of insulin, and keto diets are primary promoters of that process. Besides, there has been further research into the effect of this diet on patients exhibiting severe symptoms of coronavirus infection. One major benefit of the low-carb nature of the keto diet is the reduced dependence on ventilator support for patients with respiratory issues by decreasing their carbon dioxide pressure levels.

There's been more effort to observe a positive correlation between the ketogenic diet and inhibited inflammation for patients surviving on mechanical ventilation. Still, there is no clear proof that ketone bodies have a preventive effect on COVID-19. Nonetheless, research in that direction is promising since the pandemic met the health sector.

Asides from the keto diet, studies have linked the consistent intake of particular food items and supplements can limit a person's exposure to the novel coronavirus. You can activate and improve your immune response by consuming food items like grapes, green tea, and dark chocolate. Besides, the severity of the infection can be lowered by adequate intake of supplements like zinc, melatonin, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. 

The prevention of viral infections cannot be guaranteed by subscribing to any particular diet. However, the true protection you provide yourself from coronavirus and other rampant infections will depend on how well you integrate the components of your diet. For instance, you can actively inhibit the severe comorbidities of COVID-19, by actively following the keto diet for a prolonged time. 

Pre-existing morbidities linked to the virus and triggers like high sugar level, obesity, and high blood pressure can also be battled with this type of diet. The effect of this low-carb high-fat diet on these symptoms can be further enhanced by regular physical exercises. For obese patients, the keto diet must be properly customized to protect them from the risk of contracting COVID-19 and make the lifestyle intervention a permanent one. In sum, there's still much to discover on the effect of keto diets on infections, but their benefits are closely linked with battling their symptoms.