We launched The Brave Ape Co. in September of 2019 and it has been an amazing journey so far! We began because we noticed the lack of commercially available, low carb porridges and we thought we could fill that gap by providing a tasty, delicious and convenient option for people who need to understand the exact macro-nutrients they're consuming - keeping their carbs low with their fat and protein intake high. People are also very busy in the mad rush of today’s fast paced world and simply don’t have the time to prepare these recipes themselves. 

It’s no secret that keto and low carbs diets have been implemented into weight loss programmes and produced absolutely amazing results and making that journey as easy as possible is how we want to help our customers. That’s why we formulated our low carb alternative to porridge to enjoy that comforting taste and texture but be confident in the nutritional value our keto porridge is providing. 

We wanted to create a porridge that’s not only dense in essential vitamins and minerals but it’s high in fat - the primary source of energy for a keto diet, high in protein - the primary source in building and maintaining muscle and high fiber - the type of carbohydrate that doesn’t affect your blood sugar, promotes good digestion and a healthy gut. 

That’s when we got to work...

Our keto porridge, of course, is not an original idea. Often referred to as ‘Noatmeal’, It’s made its way to popularity growing out from within the keto community and there are lots of amazing recipes online. This is why we love the keto community, because when foods are restricted and taken off of the menu, some individuals explore new alternatives and push through these boundaries.

Initially approaching the recipe, we started with our personal experience and wanted to tailor the recipe on a personal level. We absolutely love porridge and before being keto, it formed such a massive part of our diet. But of course, with a strict keto diet, we had to disregard oats because of the high carbohydrate content and being keto bought on some significant results - something we're not going to turn back on. The other trouble is, once you add other additional ingredients to porridge, it increases the sugar and carbohydrate content even more so.

Whilst leading an active lifestyle and training regularly, the keto porridge recipe needed to hit all the right macros, being high in fat and high in protein but most importantly low in carbs. 

At first, the taste wasn't the most important factor, as food was just a means to an end. However, we know that if we wanted to enable consistency (to be able to eat it everyday), it had to taste great! That’s when we began making porridge after porridge, with many variations of the recipe, slightly adjusting the amount of ingredients used to get that desired taste and texture. Of course, with each adjustment, the macro-nutrients would change so we had to keep this in mind and find the perfect balance.

Then we had found the perfect balance and without procrastination, we thought we should put this out to the public to gather their thoughts and feedback, to then reiterate upon the product and find our fit within the market. It was a success! We received some amazing amount of interest and some great feedback. This feedback has really spurred us on to continue working on our product and push keto porridge to more people as we’ve received comments that it has significantly helped people.

We are currently selling our keto porridge directly through our website, through Amazon and amazingly, we’re now listed with Planet Organic and Whole Foods Market among some other fantastic keto and low carb focused retailers. 

We have ambitions to push this product to as many outlets as possible so it's available for purchase with a wider distribution network. Every month we’re growing more and more, with plenty of lessons still to be learnt. But, it’s been an amazing journey and we believe our product has mainstream potential, so we’re looking forward to the next six, twelve and twenty four months.

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